This is an old Italeri kit I picked up a couple years ago.  The kit itself is pretty poor and the link and length track was a bit of a nightmare.  I used some left over parts from a couple of Dragon and AFV Tiger kits for the tools and exhaust guards.  There was a bit of scratch building regarding the tow bar and mount that was only recently revealed by a previously unknown photo of the only photographed "BergeTiger".  I've added the turret mounted road wheel to give it more of an ARV feel.  Overall I'm very happy with the outcome, especially considering the level of detail out of the box for this kit.


There are numerous theories about this vehicle, whether or not there was more than one, what it was actually used for and if this is just a one off field modification.  I have my own belief in regards to this vehicle's use.  It is known that this vehicle was attached to s.Pz.Abt.508 which used Borgward DCL for demolitions.  Additionally the crane mounted on the turret has limited weight lifting capability.  I believe that this vehicle was used in direct support of the B.IVs.  The tow bar being used to recover Borgs and the crane for positioning/mounting the explosive charge.  I don't believe that it was used for recovering other tigers since that was greatly discouraged by German command and in the instances where a tiger is being recovered by tigers, there are almost always two tigers towing the disabled one.  I also don't believe that this vehicle would be used to place charges as many have speculated.  The 508th had vehicles for this purpose that are specifically suited to the task, much smaller in profile and have an auto release for the demolition charge.  Using the crane to deliver explosives would expose the crew to enemy fire and they would almost certainly be killed outright considering their proximity to enemy positions.


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