Flammpanzer III

Gallery: Flammpanzer III

I had 2 panzer IIIK kits and decided to build a flammpanzer. I was missing the turret sides, back, front, and cupola.


Using a Dragon panzer III J cupola, I created a mold and cast a duplicate.

For the weld marks I used a soldering iron with an xacto blade attached.
The same was done for the weld bead line.
IMG_0678 IMG_0679
I tried a new technique for the paint chips. First I painted a slightly lighter color than the camo, then painted the center with off black.
IMG_0834 IMG_0837
The cables are spun wire.
IMG_0838 IMG_0841 IMG_0843
I still have to add the spare track.

Just some minor things to finish including the dust layer. I'm going to try something new there as well by adding a dust layer to the base of the turret as well.