Tiger 1 Early

Gallery: Tiger 1 Early
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Cut out the closed bin


The kit didn't include the gun elevation motor and the rest of the beam, so this was scratch built.

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Blanked off the full bin


Added accordian style collapsible doors and round blocks.  To the best of my knowledge, this is how they work.


Ammo racks


Comleted Ammo rack.  It's a little flimsy right now, but will firm up when in place.

  • Scratch build the ammo containers for Rack J below the floor
  • Added hose detail to the Extinguiser
  • Cut out the Air intake, added detail and hinged the engine access cover
  • Added seat from Dragon kit, additional detail to turn wheel
  • Additional detail added to turret ammo hatch

Painted up the brass rounds


The turret is too small for the turret ring and roof.  I added a spacer for a better fit.


The muzzle baffle was not the best mold so I elected to use an extra from a Dragon kit.


For some unknown reason Academy left the barrel just prior to the breach as a partial mold, so it had a huge hole the length of it.  They couldn't have saved much plastic.  I cut off the "bad" part and used tubing for the barrel. 


The hatches on the Academy kit aren't too bad, although they have some slight sink holes.  I decided to use some Dragon left overs which had a little sharper detail.